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Product Hunt Launch Offer: Sign Up Now and Get 1,000 Search Queries Free!
*We won't charge your credit card, the widget will be automatically disabled after reaching 1,000 queries.
If you want to continue using super simple search, simply increase the limit in your dashboard.
super simple search
We believe that everyone deserves great search.
That's why we're making it super simple to put great search on your website.
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super simple pricing
A simple plan that costs 5 dollars per 1000 search queries. You can define a monthly cap, so you're always in control of your spendings.
The whole package
per 1000 search queries
A beautiful search widget for your website
No setup required
Automatically scans your pages
Built-in question answering (coming soon)
AI search analytics (coming soon)
Scroll to answer (coming soon)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this?

We found ourselves often going back to Google to find information on websites, even when we're already on the website. This is bad both in terms of user experience as well as for website owners, and it gives even more power to Google.
To stop this, we make it our goal to have the same search experience, without leaving the site. This makes for a better user experience, website owners can keep users on their site, and they can collect valuable statistics about their user's search queries, without losing them to Google (where users can also easily get distracted with competitor's ads and other search results).

How does super simple search generate the search results?

We use search results from Microsoft Bing. The advantage is that many websites are already indexed by Bing, so we can get started immediately. We might switch to our own search engine in the future.

How do I get super simple search on my website?

After you sign up, we give you a short code snippet. You just need to paste this snippet at the bottom of your website's HTML code. After that, super simple search is ready to go.

How is this better than X?

While there certainly are other good providers for on-site search, it's usually a combination of the following points:
- Our widget looks better
- It's super simple (duh)
- Additional features like AI analytics and built-in question answering

I still think X is better.

Please let us know who this is, so we can copy them ;)

Can I try it on my website?

Sure, you can create a demo at the top of this page. The demo will show you how super simple search will look on your page, and you can test everything before you sign up.

If I get a lot of search queries, won't that be expensive?

We make sure that you're always in control of your costs. By default, we set a monthly limit of 10,000 search queries, after which the search widget is deactivated. You can raise that limit in your dashboard.